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Our Clinics

We provide complete Ophthalmological services in the Out-patient Department, In-Patient Department, Day Surgery Unit, Laser Unit, Children’s Eye Center and the Rutnin-Gimbel Lasik Center.

General Eye Exam

Our General Eye Exam

  • Visual Acuity
  • Refraction
  • Keratometry
  • Ocular Tension
  • Muscle Balance Test
  • Anterior Segment Biomicroscopic Examination (Cornea, Conjunctiva, Iris, Pupil)
  • Posterior Segment Biomicroscopic Examination (Retina, Vitreous, Optic Disc)


Our Sub-Specialties

More than 39 Ophthalmologist were awarded academic excellence and degrees from Thailand, Canada and the United States.

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Pterygium
  • Vitreo-Retina
  • Uveitis
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Cornea Transplanting and Anterior Segment
  • Oculo-Plastics
  • Low Vision
  • Orthoptics and Strabismus
  • Ocular Prosthetics
  • Refraction
  • Moommong Opitcal Shop
  • Children’s Eye Center for Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Rutnin-Gimbel Lasik Centre

Special Tests

Our Special Tests

  • Color blindness test
  • Stereo-vision test
  • Ultrasound biomicroscopy (B-scan)
  • A-scan
  • Corneal topography
  • Pachymetry
  • Fluorescein angiography
  • Fundus photograph
  • Computerized visual field test
  • HRA : Retinal angiograph
  • Endothelial cell count
  • Wire angle retinal scan (Optos)