Our Philosophy
Our objective is to provide the most impeccable
and trustworthy optic care with the utmost professional diligence.
Khunying Chamnongsri Hanchanlash
Co-Founder and Honorary Chairman
Rutnin Eye Hospital
 "Striving to be a center of excellence for ophthalmology with determination and creativity."
"our 39 Thai, American and Canadian Board Certified Ophthalmologists
from every subspecialty of the eye form a complete eye care team.
Cross-referrals within the hospital ensure your condition is seen
by the appropriate sub-specialist." 
Sanpatna Rutnin, MD, FRCSC
Hospital Director and Retina Specialist
Rutnin Eye Hospital
 Rutnin Eye Hospital strive for delivering the highest quality
of service in the eyes of our patients.
  1. Comprises of ophthalmologists and specialists of all subspecialty.
  2. Creating new innovations for most optimum care. 
  3. Qualified personnel providing services with attention to detail. 
  4. Patient-centric approach with the highest moral and ethical standards. 
  5. Provision of equitable care with respect to fair price for the furtherance
    of the hospital’s sustainable growth.  
Ms. Vradda Rutnin
Vice Chairman
Rutnin Eye Hospital